A Cluster called Innovation & Research for Industy has in its own name the very mission it was born for: to enhance the level of Innovation and Research in a technologically advanced sector such as Aerospace/Aeronautic.

With new and huge coninents rising up in the world economy, Aeronautic vehicles represent a must in termes of minimization of distances and time.

Companies from Emilia-Romagna have proven in the past - and are sitll proving nowadays - peaks of excellence in the F.1, Top Racing and Aeromotive, ranging over from packaging astounding Performances & Capabilities.

Each Company within the Cluster, thanks to the spirit that marks E-R's entrepreneurship, has proven its own capacity of competing in the internatinal markets with superior quality standards, becoming in many cases a reference point for the world industry.

With today's convergence in the IR4I Cluster, these regional excellencies have come to establish a new unquestioned high-tech leader, thanks to their gathered background in Research & Product Innovation.

What is to remark, is that Companies composing the Cluster - aside form the sector's Certification (among which the EN 9100) - are endowed with the professional experience which is necessary to face the challenges of the future, strenuously looking for better performances in the Aeronautic sector, which has proven to be their strong point over time.

With the IR4I Cluster, Emilia-Romagna's Companies have shown their will to join their forces, in order to compete globally in the Aerospace Industy: now the world con count on a new player, ready to prove with its capabilities and resources the will to grow in such a technologically advanced sector.